Stop the snacking.

People ask me why and how I manage to stay so slim. One answer to that question is I don’t snack.

I love food, proper food that is. So I would rather eat a good plate of Jollof rice (it’s just got to be Jollof, right?) than have a  cookie and soft drink (soda), or even chocolates.

What is a snack?

It’s a light meal or an item of food eaten in between meals. In order words, it’s not your main meal for the day, but it kind of stops hunger pangs before the real deal. It’s also what you use to curb your ‘peckishness’.

Now there is healthy snacking and there is unhealthy snacking. I’m not talking about healthy snacking though.

The snag with having unhealthy snacks is it messes up your diet. So ideally we know we eat 3 times a day right? (or 5 small meals as some claim). However when you snack, it gives you the feeling of having satisfied your hunger for the time being till you have the main meal, whereas what you’re doing is being unhealthy in your diet! The effects? Unnecessary weight gain!

Some snack spiritually you know. They sense a hunger in their spirit and choose to snack – reading a verse or two here, a devotional there and articles on the internet sometimes. While this in itself is not wrong, it becomes unhealthy when it replaces the proper study of the Bible, when they should be eating the main meal! The result is a malnourished spirit, one that is unable to stand in the midst of trials, one that is unable to build faith, one that looks robust but is actually weak!

Did you not know that without faith it’s impossible to please God? Did you not know that faith comes by hearing (and reading) the word of God? Did you not know that solid meal is for the mature? When, then, are you going to grow up?

My thoughts?

Snacks are quite tempting
Giving temporary relief
But their effect can be deadly
That’s my honest belief
If you would just stick with proper meals
And stop the eating in between
You’ll make being healthy a big deal
And your spirit enjoys the win


Hebrews 5:14 (NIV)
But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil.

God’s blessings!
©Debywrites 2017



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