Logic? Naah!!!

I had problem with the toilet in my office. It was broken and I needed to get a plumber. Luckily for me, I had his number and I called him. I was in more ‘luck’ as he was just round the corner from the office and was free. In less that 20 minutes, he’d arrived to fix it. Told me what was wrong, I gave him money and he promptly went to get a replacement of the broken part, came back and fixed it all in less than an hour! I was pleased. Life is good! Hehe

Thanking God for early detection and fixing, I thought I had overcome…

I got to the office by afternoon the next day after an early morning meeting. Because I was moving house, I was going to take the rest of the day off but quickly remembered I needed to stop by the office to pick up something I had forgotten. As I brought out my keys, I felt water around my shoes. I panicked as I opened the door and yes, I was right – the whole office was flooded! And it came from the toilet the plumber fixed the day before! I was really upset, to say the least. What was the point of detecting the fault early enough, calling the plumber and ending up with the very same problem I was trying to avoid?

Then the Holy Spirit whispered to me. You see, I had had a nagging feeling to turn off the main inlet before leaving the office the day before but I felt there was no need to, the toilet had been fixed. I got home to realise that I had forgotten my charger  and it prompted me to go to the office the following day despite of the fact that I was tired and just wanted to go home after my meeting. And guess what? I called the plumber immediately I saw the flood and he was available again! He swiftly came by with some workers, fixed everything properly and helped to clean up the entire office.

You see, life can sometimes be difficult and you run to God for Him to fix things up. But there are times when you think you have it all figured out and actually apply all the ‘principles’ you know yet things still end up going the wrong way! Learn from the Samaritan woman. With each marriage gone wrong, she kept fixing it with another marriage. That seemed the most logical thing to do. But it kept messing her up. Sometimes, life defies logic. You need the wisdom of God to handle that situation! And though it may seem you have tried all that there is to try yet things go awry, remember the Holy Spirit could just conveniently ‘make you forget your charger’ and that leads you back to the place of wisdom!

And through it all, remember to have a heart of gratitude because Romans 8:28 is our constant reminder that He’ll sort it out. Hallelujah!

My thoughts?

Life sometimes defies logic
You can’t seem to figure it out
You need more than your own wisdom
To clear out all self doubt
When you’ve tried all you can
Yet don’t have all the answers
Remember God has it all planned for you
Just go to Him for the right answers

Personal study: John 4:1-42

God’s blessings!
©Debywrites 2017


2 thoughts on “Logic? Naah!!!

  1. “…there are times when you think you have it all figured out and actually apply all the ‘principles’ you know yet things still end up going the wrong way!” – very relatable.
    Life defies logic. You need Godly wisdom. 👌

    Timely message/words.
    Thank you!

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